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  • Essentials of Pre Surveillance Planning
  • Essentials of Stationary Surveillance
  • Essentials of Vehicle Surveillance
  • Essentials of Foot Surveillance  
  • Essentials of Surveillance Technology
Attn: Investigators...
"Finally! How To Conduct Covert Surveillance like a Pro"
(Without having to join an alphabet agency)
*Master the art of covert surveillance

*Learn it as fast as possible

*Avoid getting "burned"
From: Darin Fredrickson
RE: Covert Physical Surveillance

Dear Investigator, 

If you want to get the skills to conduct covert surveillance, learn in a time frame that meets your needs, or even if you just want to keep your confidence and sanity through the entire surveillance op, then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why...

This is the MOST important letter you'll read on this topic because in today's litigious environment, learning the fundamentals or NOT can mean the difference between getting the intelligence and evidence you need for your investigation or getting burned by the Subject and having to resort to other less effective tactics!
"Excellent Training! Most learn from "doing" rather than listening.  The class required active participation, the scenarios were both realistic and relevant as applied to the course objective, and the planning and execution of the exercises were meticulous"

                                                                                                                                                                              ~Detective Kim - Law Enforcement
"Darin's expertise and practical knowledge was vast. His ability to communicate effectively both during the classroom and practical exercise was exceptional"

                                                                                                                                                                                           ~Brian Flannery - Retail/ORC
Here's how and why we can make you this promise...
I'm Darin Fredrickson and I am a retired major city detective with 25 years of surveillance experience. I am a prolific author and  recognized expert in Covert Physical Surveillance

I have conducted thousands of covert surveillance operations in both the public and private sectors over the past two decades.  These surveillance ops involved drug/human/gun traffickers, homicide and rape suspects, burglars, violent career criminals, repeat offenders, serial predators as well as workplace violence, fraud, custodial interference, and stalking... to name a few!  I am a renowned author in the security and law enforcement industries who has helped literally tens of thousands of investigators around the world learn the tradecraft secrets of covert surveillance for more than a decade.

This course is going to give you everything you need to set up and conduct a surveillance operation.

You need to act on this now because every minute you wait is another minute the Subject of your investigation is getting away with Murder (well maybe not murder, but you never know...)

"Darin, after taking your class last month I decided to take action on the hiking trailhead vehicle burglaries that have been plaguing us for the past few months. I explained the surveillance fundamentals you taught to my squad and I set up a surveillance ops plan. We set up at the trailhead early one morning after analyzing the data and determining the most likely day the burglar would hit. Within only an hour we had a suspect casing vehicles to break into and after we observed the suspect smash the glass of a small car we moved in and affected an arrest! We solved many open cases that morning after the suspect admitted to other burglaries he had committed. He was a hard core heroin user. I can say with certainty that your training was a direct result of our success and wanted to personally thank you!"

                                                                                                                                                                 ~Sgt. Mike S. - Arizona Law Enforcement
Most Investigators FAIL at surveillance because they never learned the fundamentals!
According to Team Guardian surveys conducted over the past decade, the #1 reason investigators provide for getting "burned" or losing a subject during a covert surveillance op is not having a solid foundation in surveillance basics.
In Fact, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get...
*You'll discover exactly how to get more evidence and intelligence on your investigations in today's volatile climate

*You'll understand exactly why learning covert surveillance fundamentals will save you from taking more "burns" and/or losing your subject

*You'll skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that most investigators experience when learning surveillance OTJ (On The Job)

*You'll know exactly how to set up and navigate a surveillance operation - even with a challenging Subject - and who to get help from if you have questions

*You'll minimize getting "burned" by your Subject and/or losing your Subject during surveillance (taking some "HEAT" is the nature of the game)
It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious. - Murphy's Law
If you can stay with your Subject past the first 30 seconds of leaving a location, your chances of staying with your Subject go through the ROOF!
*When you get that necessary crucial intelligence or evidence, think about how good you'll feel about yourself when you successfully close the case!

*When you are able to master the art of surveillance, think about how you will be able to take on more cases and increase your success

*See yourself as a sought after surveillance operative that is able to get the job done, while other investigators are still floundering around as novices
So Here's The Bottom Line With Master Surveillant Essentials
You get over 12 hours of instructional video that will walk you step-by-step through the entire process of setting up and conducting a covert physical surveillance operation. You get all the insider-only instruction on how to conduct a surveillance operation either solo, with a partner, or as a full team to help you get the intelligence and evidence discreetly and efficiently.  You get the exact blueprint you need to succeed!

You get all of this for only $297...
But Let Me Sweeten The Pot For You Even More With These Instant Bonuses For Acting Now...
Bonus #1: Tradecraft Secrets of Covert Surveillance Handbook

When you purchase my Master Surveillant Essentials course right now, you also get a copy of my Handbook "Tradecraft Secrets of Covert Surveillance". This book is a culmination of my 25 years of street experience and research of covert surveillance strategies, techniques, and tactics. This book is 85 pages of solid information.
Real Value: $19.97

Bonus #2: Case Studies - From the Master Surveillant Case Files

I'll send you a monthly Case Study (12 episodes) of actual surveillance ops I was involved in.  These case studies take a deep dive into an investigation and pull back the curtains to reveal the surveillance strategies, tactics and techniques that either resulted in a success or failure.  This bonus alone is almost worth the price of the entire course!

Real Value: $480
As you can see, these bonuses have a total value of $499.97... but they're yours when you act now!

And you have nothing to lose because you can...
Take A Full 30 Days To Put Us To The Test With Our Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantee
If "Master Surveillant Essentials" doesn't show me exactly how to get the skills to conduct covert surveillance... if it doesn't take me by the hand, step-by-step learning in a timeframe that meets your needs... or if it fails to help me keep my confidence and sanity through the entire surveillance op, then I understand that I will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!!
As you can see, all the risk is squarely on my shoulders, so...
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To your success

Darin Fredrickson, CPP

P.S. - Every minute you wait is another minute the Subject of your investigation is getting away with Murder (well maybe not murder, but you never know...)
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Case Studies - From The Master Surveillant Case Files
Just a few examples of Case Studies:
  • Casino Surveillance
  •  Retail Surveillance
  •  Drug Sales Surveillance
  •  Robbery Surveillance
  •  Burglary Surveillance
  •  Airport Surveillance
  • ​Workplace Violence
Tradecraft Secrets of Covert Surveillance Handbook
Master Surveillant Essentials Course (over 12 Hours Of Expert Info)
BONUS: Case Studies (A deep dive into real Surveillance Ops)________
BONUS: Tradecraft Secrets of Covert Surveillance Handbook_________
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$480 Value
$19.97 Value
Total Value: $997
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